Remember the [Team]

Applaud (Cincinnati, OH)
:: MemoryBook ::

This unique product combines the sentimental value of memories with modern, patented, and athlete-specific printing methods. It’s safe to say the Titans would want them.

Click here to view a digital sample book.


:: Wall Art ::

A mixed media piece created for the anniversary of some dear friends.


Formed to Share

FormShare (Dayton, OH)
:: Branding ::

The branding I developed for this digital process and documentation company provided a facelift to its image that underscored it’s purpose.

Yep. That’s Her.

Courtney Sanchez (Austin, TX)
:: Branding ::

Ms. Sanchez is a renowned artist who performs live music, theater, and more. The branding I developed for her gave her an image to match her many talents.

Moto Photo

Some photography highlights over the past couple years.

Dearly Departed

:: Memorial Program ::

Sad occasions need not lack style. This program complemented the dearly-departed’s celebration of life and hope.

If You Build It, They Will Come

James Hunt Construction (Cincinnati, OH)
:: Brochure ::

A brochure that made no excuses for this construction company’s solid and sustainable history. ‘Making it happen,’ indeed.

United We Glam

United Way of Weld County (Greeley, CO)
:: YOU+ Conference ::

A clean, bold campaign helped would-be attendees respond to this informative initiative. Then a hardbound book to helped summarize the successful Building Healthy Marriages program at United Way of Weld County.

Cookies for All

Cookie Curiosity (Dayton, OH)
:: Brand Logo ::

A yummy concept for a delicious product. And a very happy client, to boot.


Chattanooga Signing Solutions (Chattanooga, TN)
:: Logo ::

This notary company needed a professional look showing their clients that they are a solid, stable support worthy of client trust.