I Will

Kettering Health Network (Dayton, OH)
:: “I Will” Campaign Web Banners ::

“I Will” design web banners that catch the right attention for a worthy cause and carry a brand across multiple media.

Have Your Cheesecake and Eat It, Too

Rosie’s Cheesecakes (Dayton, OH)
:: Branding, Packaging, Website ::

Let them have cake. Cheesecake to be more specific. Whipping up just the combo of colors, design elements, and a spoon full of sugar helped make Rosie’s tasty treat appeal to the eyes of customers across the board. www.rosiescheesecakes.com

It’s Fair to Say, Baby.

Kettering Health Network
:: 2017 Baby Fair ::

Getting the word out on the 2017 Baby Fair was a cross-platform effort. Billboards, web banners, mailers, and more. Nobody puts Baby Fair in a corner. NOBODY. http://www.ketteringhealth.org

I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Kettering Health Network
:: 2017 Fertility Campaign ::

Blending established brand guidelines between two different entities can present a challenge when dealing with a full scale advertising campaign. But blend we did. http://www.ketteringhealth.org

On Top of the World

The Top Twelve
:: Website ::

This “wesearch” website showcases my abilities in the WordPress environment. Writing. Designing. Marketing. Advertising. SEO. Weapons of mass destruction. Humor. And more. http://www.thetoptwelve.com

Dog Gone It

Simply Dogs (Eaton, OH)
:: Branding ::

This little hot dog stand ‘that could’ just needed a look to convey it’s light-hearted and fun-loving nature. I was most-happy to oblige.


It’s $aved

BoomerangBuck.com (Dayton, OH)
:: eBook ::

This handy PDF-based document compiled get-out-of-debt tips from around the web and is available for download at a web site near you.