Elect Hamilton

Kettering Health Network (Dayton, OH)
:: Fort Hamilton Hospital Services Brochure ::

Hamilton is SO hot right now. This hospital’s got it all.


It’s All in Your Head

Kettering Health Network (Dayton, OH)
:: Epilepsy & Seizure Care Tri-fold Brochure ::

The mind controls so many functions of the body. Hopefully this brochure can motivate a few minds to seek attention for this pervasive issue.

I Will

Kettering Health Network (Dayton, OH)
:: “I Will” Campaign Web Banners ::

“I Will” design web banners that catch the right attention for a worthy cause and carry a brand across multiple media.

Relax. Go Do It.

Kettering Health Network (Dayton, OH)
:: Spa Service Mailer ::

Everyone needs a little R&R. But especially those going through a rigorous regiment like cancer treatment. This mailer’s calm and soothing layout reassure them that it’s their time to relax.

When All Else Fails, Read the Map

Kettering Health Network (Dayton, OH)
:: Map ::

An easy-to-read map is key to getting students through the education jungle.

Spread the Word

Kettering Health Network (Dayton, OH)
:: Event Mailer ::

Health events need people. People need to be informed. Information needs a mailer. Done and done.