G-Ma’s the G-Best

Virginia Fischer
:: Mixed Media Illustration ::

What can we say about our grandmothers? Why say in words what we can illustrate in mixed media?


Springfield Special

Threadless.com Design Challenge
:: The Simpsons “Springfield Special” ::

“D’oh!” This fun concoction merges the ‘second look’ mentality of Threadless.com and America’s favorite yellow family.


Shadow of Asgard

Threadless.com Design Challenge
:: Thor “Shadow of Asgard” ::

This original illustration keeps it simple while highlighting key components of this god of thunder.


Free Fletcher

Threadless.com Design Challenge
:: “Free Fletcher” ::

A conspiracy has been circulating that Jessica Fletcher is actually guilty of all those murders she solved. In anticipation of any backlash, I have created these tees so we can show our support of the one-and-only J.B.


The Trends on Us

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: Fashion Journals ::

Available at various stores nationwide, including Walmart superstores, these original creations made an already appealing format oh so glam.

Pen & Ink

:: Wedding Invitation & RSVP Card ::

Classic curls of pen and ink draft this desirable proclamation.

Give Them a Swirly

:: Wedding Invitation ::

A swirly style can do wonders for a wedding. No one will be able to say ‘no.’


Threadless.com Design Challenge
:: “Ledpidoptera” ::

Do you know where your lepidoptera is? This original illustration can help.