On Top of the World

The Top Twelve
:: Website ::

This “wesearch” website showcases my abilities in the WordPress environment. Writing. Designing. Marketing. Advertising. SEO. Weapons of mass destruction. Humor. And more. http://www.thetoptwelve.com

Formed to Share

FormShare (Dayton, OH)
:: Branding ::

The branding I developed for this digital process and documentation company provided a facelift to its image that underscored it’s purpose.

If You Build It, They Will Come

James Hunt Construction (Cincinnati, OH)
:: Brochure ::

A brochure that made no excuses for this construction company’s solid and sustainable history. ‘Making it happen,’ indeed.

United We Glam

United Way of Weld County (Greeley, CO)
:: YOU+ Conference ::

A clean, bold campaign helped would-be attendees respond to this informative initiative. Then a hardbound book to helped summarize the successful Building Healthy Marriages program at United Way of Weld County.

I Heart Massages

Synergy of Health (Dayton, OH)
:: Branding ::

Specializing in massage therapy and so much more, this group needed a natural look highlighting it’s therapeutic methods.

It’s $aved

BoomerangBuck.com (Dayton, OH)
:: eBook ::

This handy PDF-based document compiled get-out-of-debt tips from around the web and is available for download at a web site near you.


Money, Money, Money, MON-NAY

K12 Directories (Dayton, OH)
:: Advertising & Sample Directory ::

How do you attract representatives for a new start-up? Forget the yellow brick road. Money talks. Put it front and center. Bling.