Looney Bird

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: Looney Tunes School Products ::

An edgy look for a staple license helped freshen it’s appeal.

Spongelion Nemopants

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: Decorative calendars ::

How do you cherry-pick from a selection of 50+ decorative calendars created over 9+ years with Mead®? Some familiar faces can’t hurt…

Wear It on Their Sleeve

:: Book Sleeve ::

Being among the first designs to be featured, this original art proved a worthy skin to an already innovative format.

It’s Gone PRO

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: PRO Edge and Platinum School Product Packaging ::

Trilingual packaging requirements couldn’t keep this packaging from catching the attention of school shoppers across North American stores.

Organized $avings

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: Jean Chatzky by Franklin Covey ::

These office products for financial organization flew off Target department store shelves in early 2010. The in-house art and organizational content pages proved a formidable force when paired with the Chatzky brand tips. Cleanly designed packaging effectively communicated each product’s features.

Organizer. Organizher.

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: Organizers for Mom ::

In-house art sparkled the eyes of consumers, while clean, user-friendly pages guided moms to be fashionably organized. (Featured at Walmart superstores nationwide.)

It’s Been Addressed

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: Pocket Address Books ::

Creating these original designs was a fun and satisfying venture. Especially when they began to appear on store shelves nationwide.

All You Need is Love

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: The Beatles Love Journals ::

It was quite the attraction at book stores when these original creations featured famous words of the Beatles. Who says you can’t buy me love?

Coca-Cola Classic

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: Coca-Cola® Home and Office Products ::

Classic and collectable, these paper-based products were snatched up all across the country.

Write Me

Mead® (Dayton, OH)
:: Journals and Address Books ::

Walmart superstores sold thousands upon thousands of these products featuring some of my ink and paper patterns.